Camping ground Muenstertal
Camping in the Southern Black Forest
Family Ortlieb
Dietzelbachstraße 6
79244 Münstertal / Black Forest

Tel.: +49 (0)7636 7080
Fax: +49 (0)7636 7448


Campingplätze mit 5 Sternen

Exklusiv in der Gesamtausstattung bzw. im Gesamteindruck, mit hochwertigem/erstklassigem Komfort.
Großzügige Einrichtungen in besonderer Qualität.

Quelle: Deutscher Tourismusverband (DTV)
”O Schwarzwald, o Heimat, wie bist Du so schön!“ (Black Forest, oh, Black Forest, how beautiful you are) is an old Black Forest folk song by Ludwig Auerbach (1873), coming from the heart. In this song, he described the fascination our region in Germany's south west already held for people even in those days. It is so heart-warmingly genuine. We are lucky that the Black Forest is our native area. It is our greatest concern to share this happiness with you - this sense of home! We would be happy to be your hosts and look forward to welcoming you!

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