The „Faust“ town Staufen with its picturesque Old Town and its outstanding cultural offer is attractive for every taste.

Mephisto Tour
The whole town becomes a stage

A fascinating tour is waiting for you!

Follow the devil Mephistopheles through the alleys and streets of the town. Surprises are waiting for you.

The devil will tell you about the history of Staufen. You will be served local specialities during the tour. Listen to extracts from Goethe's Faust at the original sites. Maybe you even want to participate in the play.

Auerbachs Kellertheater
Auf dem Rempart 7
79219 Staufen

This private theater is located in a cellar and has space for max. 99 visitors. It is managed and directed by Eberhard Busch. It is renowned for its performances.


Central Museum, in one of the oldest original buildings of Staufen (only one minute from the market place)
Themes: The Medieval Town, Silver Mining, Doctor Faustus, Sixt Of Staufen, The Revolution of 1848 in Baden

Pottery Museum Staufen
Permanent exhibition
The museum houses an original pottery with clay pit, potter's wheel, glass mill and a wood fired oven (which today is under government preservation order). Josef Maier and the Bauhaus- educated ceramics specialist Egon Bregger worked here.

Celtic tree circle Staufen

Planted in the year 2000 near the forest car park Grunern-Eschwald. The celctic tree circle reminds us of the original inhabitants of our region.
In Celtic mythology the calender depends on the moon. It was divided into 18 months with 28 days each.

Staufen maze

Initiated in1995 (during the Culture Festival "Die Blaue Blume") at the Stadtsee (city pond), it is the largest natural maze in South-Baden.

Weisheitsbaumpfad, Staufen

Words written into the trees

On a forest path leading to the Johannes Chapel, between the vineyards and the forest you will find 28 wooden plates with poems about the relation of trees and man. The idea is to read from the scriptures of different religions and world literature and to meditate during a walk through the forest. If you are at leisure stop at a tree and let it tell you something. Trees belong to the same ecological system we do. We live through their existence, but trees also die through us. The Black Forest too is afflicted by Waldsterben. On this trail the trees are given a voice.
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